Rolly Tasker - MAINSAILS

Your mainsail is the powerhouse of your boat and here at Rolly Tasker Sails Australia we will work with you to design and build a mainsail that will give you excellent performance and longevity. The four key considerations that we need to take into account are cloth and cloth weight; sail cut – cross-cut or tri-radial; fully battened, semi-battened or leech battened; and loose or solid footed.

While most mainsails are permanently attached to the boat’s boom and are hoisted up a track on the mast, there is an increasing trend toward both in-mast and in-boom furling mainsails. These make the job of hoisting and dropping your mainsail easier but have limitations in terms of cost and sail efficiency. Rolly Tasker in-mast and in-boom furlers feature a smooth, efficient sail shape, multiple roach options and vertical or horizontal battens to optimise sail shape and make it easy to furl.

Batten Options

For the day sailor or harbour cruiser, a leech-battened mainsail is a sound and cost-effective choice. For the offshore cruiser or twilight racer a semi-battened mainsail, usually with a full top batten and three or four leech battens, adds shape and performance. A fully battened mainsail is the optimum solution enabling slightly greater sail area through a larger roach and improved sail shape whilst also being a benefit when being used with a lazy jack system or boom bag.

Foot Setup

Traditionally mainsails have been affixed to a track in the boat’s boom along the full length of the foot. Today, by far the majority of mainsails are what is known as ‘loose footed’ whereby they are fixed at the tack near the mast and are hoisted out at the clew end by a mainsail outhaul which operates through a turning block. A loose footed mainsail enables you to have more control over sail shape and hence performance.


We make both conventional mainsail covers and lazy jack boom bags to help cover and protect your investment.  Simply download the measurement form and return to us for a quote or buy in our online store now.

All our covers are build from premium Sunbrella Marine Fabric.



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