Big Boat Turtle Bag

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Big Boat Turtle Bag

from 180.00
  • Ideal to store your headsail on deck or below
  • A must for racing sailors
  • Made from the high quality cloth with mesh base
  • Protects your headsail from the sun and weather
  • A full range of sizes available
  • Highly competitive price


Below find further information on -

  • Construction Specification
  • Ordering the correct size
  • About Turtle Sail Bags
  • Additional Products

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Construction Specification

Our Turtle Sail Bags are constructed from high quality tightly woven nylon cloth and come with mesh bases for water drainage.  They are available in Blue and Grey and come complete with a large white Dacron label to ensure that all your sails are well labelled and coded.


Selecting Your New Turtle Bag Size

We suggest that you select a Turtle Sail Bag equal to or shorter than the headsail foot length. The clew and/or tack can then be folded into it to fit.


Delivery and Warrantee

Once ordered, you should receive your new turtle bag in 72hrs depending on your location.

Naturally, all of our Turtle Sail Bags come with FULL Warrantee on workmanship.


About Turtle Sail Bags

Turtle Sail Bags are used for the compact storage of a headsail and are a must for racing crews. They enable fast and damage free storage of sails due to their shape and length.

With a full length strippable zipper, you can hoist the sail straight out of the bag without having the sail blow over the side.  They then roll up small for storage with their in-built sail tie.


Feel free to also contact us with any questions or requirements you may have.