Spinnaker Sock

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Spinnaker Sock

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  • Makes pulling down your spinnaker a one-person operation
  • Heavy duty nylon construction with low friction mouth
  • Sizes available to suit all spinnaker sizes
  • Highly competitive price


Below find further information on -

  • Construction Specification
  • Ordering the Correct Size
  • About Spinnaker Socks
  • Additional Products

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Construction Specification

Our Spinnaker Socks are constructed to the highest specification and include:

·       A separate internal rope compartment to avoid tangling the up/downhaul lines

·       A coloured full length stripe, so as to check that the sock is not twisted

·       A large low friction mouth so that it can be pulled over the shoulders of the spinnaker with ease

·       Integrated pulleys for the up/down line to hoist and lower your sock

·       An attachment strop to suit all spinnakers

·       A full set of instructions to make your spinnaker sailing a breeze!

A quick demonstration video is also available on request 


Selecting Your New Spinnaker Sock

We recommend that the Spinnaker Sock should be approximately one metre shorter than the luff on a Symmetrical Spinnaker and approximately the same length as the leech on an Asymmetrical Spinnaker.  For example, if your Symmetrical Spinnaker luff is 13 metres then the correct sock for a Symmetrical Spinnaker would be 12 metres.

If you have any doubt then just email us or give us a ring.


About Spinnaker Socks

Spinnaker Socks are designed to enhance your enjoyment of sailing by making the lowering of either a Symmetrical or Asymmetrical spinnaker as fast and easy as it can be. While useful when racing, they are ideal for the cruising sailor and a must for the short-handed sailor.


Delivery and Warrantee

Once we finalise your order with you then delivery is usually within 72 hours.

Naturally, all of our sails come with FULL Warrantee on workmanship.


Complementary Products

We carry a full range of products to complement your new Spinnaker Sock including:

·     Asymmetrical Spinnakers

·     Symmetrical Spinnakers

·     Spinnaker Box Bags

·     Turning Blocks

Feel free to also contact us with any questions or requirements you may have.