The Screecher, often also know as a Code 0, is ideal for short handed cruising and racing. Combine it with a furler and it’s a very versatile sail that will complement any sail wardrobe.

The name Screecher comes from a combination of Spinnaker and Reacher. A highly versatile sail, in light airs the Screecher is used as an upwind genoa. As the wind increases it becomes a reaching sail and in heavy air, a downwind sail.

On the cruising boat it may well be the only additional sail because the furler makes handling so easy. When racing the Screecher is a perfect apparent wind speed builder on any course except dead downwind. While ideally suited to multihulls, the benefits of the Screecher can be equally applied to the cruising monohull.

Much like an Asymmetrical Spinnaker, a Screecher is used to make up for the loss of true downwind direction with high speed by reaching back and forth to get downwind, however it is cut much flatter for less drag and more lift.

Rolly Tasker Screechers are designed to be used with a furler flown off a bowsprit. The sail is rolled around its specially designed luff. The furling-systems comprises of two mechanical components a swivel to which the head of the sail is attached and the drum mechanism which is attached to the bowsprit or bow fitting. Once attached, the sail is hoisted normally.